What Is Affiliate Marketing and how to do Affiliate marketing?

What is affiliate marketing ?

Affiliate marketing is the online press where we will do promote of on other organisation product or service & earn money as a commission base by on signing up or each sale .

it is a commission bass earning profit. It is upgrade part of internet marketing. if you will generate a other third organisation sale of any product online through by your website,blog, social etc so you will get a commission on each sale if you or not able to convert of product into sale through by your marketing skill so you will not get any commission profit on affiliate program.

There are many online company who are run a affiliate program such as included, FLIP KART, BLUE HOST, AMAZON associates program, GO DADDY, dream host, black friday deal etc.
these online company provides some percentage commission on each product & services sing up sale.

This program is mainly depends on an e-commerce and it’s great way to generate your own income through online. You can write an INDEPENDENT article according to popular niche what you have know.

This is some famous Affiliate Product that you should be sale

  • Blue Host Affiliate Program
  • Site ground hosting affiliate program
  • Go daddy Affiliate program
  • Amazon associate program
  • Hostinger Affiliate
  • host gator affiliate program
  • Black friday deal
  • flip kart affiliate program

You can choose all the elements affiliate program can join these all and can earn money.

How Can We Start ?

Above post i have cleared that about Affiliate marketing program but now do you know what affiliate? so i will tell you my audience about how to do affiliate marketing.

  How to do Affiliate Marketing ?
Affiliate marketing process work

First of all you have to selected your niche topic and then start writing on your niche and make a blog type website and post regularly post about your niche and tell to your audience about your services and put into the website about the super deal and embed the affiliate code over there. After that start a SEO activity over whole website and if you dont know about SEO so click on link given below what is SEO & why is it important.

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I am gonna share with you some affiliate marketers earning graph list where they had get unlimited earning by their own niche and affiliate blogging. i would RECOMMENDED that you should go ahead with affiliate and should be earn & make money with this method.


Affiliate marketing Earning Proof.
This earning by mrvyasidea.com

They people could not use the right STRATEGY of affiliate marketing. i would recommended that you should have your own blog website and try to use it and share an all information with the website and don’t forget to use promotional activity like such as SEO pr other ppc campaign paid advertisement.

this program is cost less earning method. you would not paid any money and zero investment for join the affiliate program. but it’s depends on your marketing skill and promotion like SEO, Social media, paid campaign, email marketing and you can tell use of the you tube video promotion source.

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