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All Visitor Data- We keep Private

Web Digital Series Organisation collect the Visitor data and other information and keep save and follow legally private under the law of users data protection Act 2000. We collect the Users information for identify or recognize the real personality.

Our Organisation don’t believe to share and sell our user or visitor information to the third party or any 3rd vendor organisation. Users can be trust on us. We never disclose any website visitor information to the gather of any other organisation. We are to abide the Indian ans as well as other country privacy law constitution.

What Information or Data we keep safe of our Visitor ?

  • When any of our users will contact us through by male or Phone Number so we do not share and sell any other third party.
  • We do keep safe and private the user Administration account detail of our Website visitor
  • If Visitor will contact us for any support that we keep private and protect their an all detail.
  • If any Visitor provide us any detail for contacting us through via subscribe button or news latter so we also do keep private.

  • Any type of Communication and type of dialogue with us that will stay safe and private our data base.

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