Easy Way To Increase Website Traffic Or Website Visitor

Easy way to increase Website traffic or Website Visitor

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This is information about “how to drive a traffic on your website”. Many entrepreneur or beginner’s think about it. This uestion have comes their mind whether, how to get traffic on a website? so i am gonna share with some tips where you can really get thousand of traffic visitor on your website.

Indeed, website has become NECESSARY for a start up and traffic or visitor is also most important for our business growing. but we could not get more visitor toward our website or online blog due to the heavy competition. First of all we have to understand how to make google friendly website. You have to know that which type of activity we need to do on our website.

many blogger and digital marketer know that SEO could be better way to drive or increase website traffic source on a website.

But there is an another more way which can be helpful to increase a website traffic.

BASICALLY SEO is a totally depend on a Search Engine Algorithm. It is common that Search engine are that only mean to increase a visitor traffic to our website or to increase online digital business.

It is True that Search engine is very helpful in growing our online business but still we should more resources to grow our online business, we should not just rely on search engine optimization. We can keep it for primary source but should have an alternate source is also very important to avoid a sinking our business which means to prevent a business insolvent.

Now, We will learn how to connect related traffic to a website or blog with out any rely on search engine optimization.

Digital Advertisement

Digital paid ADVERTISEMENT can instant or fastly generate a thousand of traffic or visitors toward your website. Along with the regular new update of search engine and social media, the way to add your website to the RELEVANCE people is now becoming even easier. People are running paid campaign on their website every day and to TARGETING the right location and RELEVANT audience to get better ROI(Return on INVESTMENT).

Digital Advertisement can increase website visitor

If your thinking that about getting a traffic from search ENGINE an online paid ADVERTISEMENT on search engine, you need to know about how your website targeting keyword are an effective on a search engine mean their search traffic an competition, then you can start your search engine online ads and get better good ROI for your online business. More website traffic does not mean that your profit is high or earning is high.

In above post line you have understood that when and under what situation do we have to run online ads then you can use the search engine or social media online ads.

Search Best Keyword through tools

Blog Share & Blog Commenting

It is also a very important source to getting a more traffic toward our website. First af all you need to create many blog on free blog platform such as blogger, wordpress etc. then if you are gonna write any blog post on your website then you should have to share IMMEDIATELY on other blog platform sites and you can choose a social platform also such as Facebook. twitter, Linked In etc. Blog share can be effective technique to get as much information as possible from your website to the right people.

In the last few year, It has been seen that a lots of people are DOING a lots of blog share activity and they are also getting a SUCCESSFUL ACHIEVEMENT.

An another way blog commenting is also an effective technique to drive a RELEVANCE traffic on your website but way to make blog commenting is a bit different however, you first need to know how to use a blog Commenting TECHNIQUE is correctly.

First of all, you have to find and select a blog with related content or RELEVANCE information from your website then go to the blog which is related to your niche and you have to give your information on the blog comment section and try to do that link the website with your main keyword with the given information. Two major benefit you will get by this technique, One will increase the rank of your website on the search engine and the other people will come by clicking on your website.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization and It is use for online website promotion, which means that our website is ranked on search engine by a particular keyword. SEO is a very old technique, Ever since search engines have been made, the technology of Seo has been used. i have already PREDEFINED about SEO STRATEGY

SEO play an important role in increase a traffic on a website, first of all we will have to UNDERSTAND about Keyword RELEVANCY and their Search traffic. We have to find & select more valuable and high traffic keyword which should be RELEVANT from our website. There are more tools available on an internet from where we can search and get high searches keyword and then put into the website ACCORDING SEO GUIDELINES and then apply SEO STRATEGY to promote them because users always search a query as per keywords and then search engine display many result if our website show on the first page as on targeted keyword so DEFINITELY visitor will click and direct go to our website. So Traffic would DEFINITELY increase on our website.

Social Media

Social Media is also an play a very very important role for our business and online traffic because there are so much users stay an active on social platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In etc. Without Social Sharing and we can not get more traffic on our website. Every blogger or entrepreneur has to use the Social Media Optimization Technique.

social media can boost website traffic

I am telling about the Website Traffic STRATEGY and expend our information to whole world people which is active around the Social Media. Around 2.8 billion people are use only facebook among the world. So just think about it if you are sharing your website detail or blog url on facebook so most of user will come to your website through Facebook and rest of Social platform is remain.

Some small tips of Social media to increase your website traffic.

>Firstly you have to Optimize your Social profile which should be RELEVANT your website name
>Share your content on Social media IMMEDIATELY
>Using to Call to Action button on your Social Profile
>Connect the Social profile link to your website
>Refer your URL to other people on Social Media

This is a best technique of Social Media to boost your website traffic instantly. Social media is only free tools that can help to recognize or optimize your website content and help to boost traffic and direct deliver a visitor to your website.

Guest Posting

Guest blogging or guest post can help to get a high traffic on your website. Basically guest posting is use for instantly increase sale. But do you know it also can help for generate a high page rank BACK LINK for your website which will increase the rank of your website, that direct means increase the position of your website on search engine such as Google Bing etc.

Guest blogging can improve website traffic

First of all, You should have an Article which should be RELEVANT to your business or have on a website that you can post on a different Guest blogging site. You have to search a different lots of guest blogging site on a search engine and make your profile on free guest blogging site and post your best content or article on guest blogging with your website URL. When Search Engine crawler will index your content and having find your Website URL so Search engine robots direct go to your website through by guest post and generate an do follow back link which will be helpful for your website ranking and increase domain authority. one more benefit you can get from guest blogging that your content or article will boost on a search engine.

Guest blogging is a most effective TECHNIQUE to drive a high quality traffic on your website compare then Social Media or SEO. It is TARGETED exposure activity. It will help you to RELEVANT traffic sent to your website and DEFINITELY unique content and high keyword density article will be published on the guest blogging site and increase the immensely visitor.

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